Caloosahatchee (Day 125+)

What a fun name to say. Ka-loose-ah-hat-chee.

About 2,800 miles into her journey, Many Moons rests awhile now in this river in southwest Florida which is part of the Okeechobee Waterway. She will spend the next few weeks in port there, at the WP Franklin Campground.

First Mate Tom left the boat today, on schedule, after 400 miles and one week on board. Skipper Jeff will spend the next 13 days alone, doing maintenance jobs. (He is defrosting the freezer as I write.)

The campground and eight-slip marina are on an island adjacent to the Franklin Lock and Dam, the 22nd lock that Many Moons has passed through. Jeff and Tom traveled just 14 miles from Fort Myers to the lock and nearby campground/marina, arriving in weather “hot enough to sweat,” according to Jeff. They enjoyed a final supper together of yummy pork ribs, cooked in the Instant Pot — its first use since leaving Keweenaw Bay more than four months ago. (I was skeptical about bringing that bulky thing, so am glad to know it’s getting used!)

Left alone for the first time on the trip, Jeff pronounced it “weird” and went straight to work. Which is what a tinkerer and “fix-it guy” does! Especially if things get “weird.” 😉

Photos and captions below.

Many Moons inside Franklin Lock, lock #22 for the boat and the first of five on the Okeechobee Waterway.
The Nebo boat-tracking app shows Many Moons at the small marina near Franklin Lock and Dam.
Many Moons at her new home for the next two weeks.
Jeff changing the engine oil — in his new shirt!
Tom and Joyce on the dock by Many Moons. Tom spent eight days on board as First Mate, helping to navigate across the gulf and down Florida’s west coast, then east to this place where Jeff will hang out for awhile. Joyce dropped him off in Carrabelle and picked him up here at Franklin Lock. Thanks to you both!
Jeff waves good-bye to Tom and Joyce as they head back home.

2 thoughts on “Caloosahatchee (Day 125+)

    1. Hard to say… sometime after mom’s 100th birthday (late December) and catching up on many other things. Jeff’s son plans to join him soon for a month, so that works great!


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