All is Calm….

Many Moons is anchored out tonight in the Lake Okeechobee Waterway (OWW) after traveling 58 miles, as father and son prepare to celebrate Christmas together in southern Florida. All is calm, and probably bright, since the moon is at 80%. For this we are grateful, after our last posting about high winds!

It was not calm when Jeff left his Fort Myers anchorage in the dinghy two days ago to pick up his son Josh, with luggage, from shore. The “old-school” dinghy is adorable but small, and tippy in high waves. (We tried to go ashore in rocky seas back in August and gave up. We once managed to put two bikes in the dinghy with us but that was flat water. It was still tricky. And hilarious.)

Jeff and Josh celebrated a safe “landing” by staying in a Fort Myers marina the first night, then on to the free city dock at LaBelle. In their first two days together, they’ve gone through two locks and a curious hand-operated swing bridge. On Christmas Eve, they will travel further east in what’s called the “rim route” of the OWW, towards the Atlantic.

And so Many Moons continues on The Great Loop without me as I travel to Montana for Mom’s 100th Christmas Birthday. Just imagine – a centenarian on Christmas! She had to endure a childhood of birthdays swallowed by Christmas, and we are determined that this one will be especially memorable. In January, I will join my good friend Susan for her 60th birthday “event” in Cozumel, where we will celebrate under water. We’re both avid divers and love all water sports, whether on or in or under it. (Susan got me into water skiing and taught me to drive the ski boat, which turned out to be pretty good training for a single-engine trawler. We also swim, sail, and kayak together.) I’ll strive to keep this blog updated on Many Moons’ progress as my own travel, and Jeff’s photography, allows.

Merry Christmas to all!

Strong winds rocked Many Moons at anchor near Fort Myers as Jeff awaited the arrival of his son.
This swing bridge at Torry Island is hand-operated! We’ve seen a lot of interesting bridges on The Loop.
We love the little dinghy, gifted to Jeff by a good friend. It works great in calm water. High seas are a different matter. We’ve considered upgrading to the sturdy inflatables we see everywhere on The Loop, but it’s hard to give up this treasure in spite of its limitations. (This photo was taken on Huron Bay in far-north Michigan, where Camp Many Moons is located.)

2 thoughts on “All is Calm….

  1. Mary, thanks for taking us Round yon sailors, father and son…. And I think it’s very dear that your family is making sure that your mother’s birthday is not swallowed up by Christmas. I’m excited because I can make comments again now that I realized my phone doesn’t do that stupid advanced security thing that Google does on my laptop! Merry Christmas and lots of love, Terry


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