Up Close Before Leaving

A week on Hontoon Island was a chance to get close to nature — very close — and I didn’t waste it. Some say that living on a boat is living in nature, and that is true to some extent. But you can still miss a lot, especially with a motor running. In my last day on the island, I had – and took — the time to look closely. Looking closely usually takes patience, sometimes silence, and often solitude. Here are my last photos from the island, and a nod to two special people who told Jeff about this special place years ago. (Please indulge my photos of the heron; it was too hard to choose just one!)

Cypress knees on the shore of Hontoon Dead River.
This guy let me get real close in my borrowed inflatable kayak.
I coasted quietly and slowly to this heron and it never budged. I spent at least 30 minutes floating nearby.
Jeff and I will both miss this place…but, onward! (He left the name tag behind. 😉 )

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