Into South Carolina (State#11)

Many Moons entered her 11th state today on her long boat trip. We’re making way now “up” the Lowcountry, the coastal region of Georgia and South Carolina which is below sea level in many places. Many African Americans still inhabit the coastal islands where their ancestors were once enslaved. (Perhaps an historical aspect of “low?”) Because of this isolation, they developed their own unique culture called Gullah. We learned more about this during a stop-over today at Daufuskie Island, which was once home to 11 plantations.

We are anchored out, for a 2nd night, in the protected shallows of Skull Creek on the north end of Hilton Head Island. As we continue to adjust to the seven-foot tide, we adjust our anchor now and then to make sure we don’t run aground. But if it happens, it won’t be the worst thing. There’s a saying among Loopers: It’s not a question of if, but when you will run aground. We’ve already bumped or dragged at least twice on this trip. I’ve become surprisingly casual about it! (Still, I’d sleep more soundly with an anchor alarm. This tidal stuff is a twist.)

We played leap-frog today with our fellow boaters who left Darien with us yesterday. They anchored a mile or so behind us last night, but got under way before us this morning. We travel at different speeds so did some passing on the way. It’s kind of fun. We also passed the hub-bub that surrounds Savannah, then spent two hours biking on Daufuskie before finding this peaceful anchorage. On to Beaufort tomorrow, to spend two nights in port with time to explore. Photos and captions of our passage into our 11th state, below.

Sunrise through the mist, from anchor in Skidaway Creek.
While we were still drinking coffee, our friends on Oceanus passed by….
As seen on Nebo, we followed This Is It all day.
We passed R/V (Research Vessel) Savannah as we entered the Savannah Industrial Zone.
Thunderbolt Marina, near Savannah, harbors some big yachts! We waved at Looper Compass Rose, tied here, as we passed by.
In mid-day, we passed Oceanus and took this photo of her from our fly bridge.
Oceanus took this photo of us as we passed her. (Apologies for the fuzziness.)
We haven’t seen many bridges since leaving Florida, but passed under several today.
This “baby-tug” looked downright silly without a load to push. Jeff said it looks like it’ll tip over!
Many Moons tied up to the county dock on Daufuskie Island – a must-see destination for me, since we missed other islands. See Jeff on the fly bridge? He uses a pole to lower our bikes to the dock.
The little all-purpose store on the south (less-developed) end of Daufuskie Island.
Biking the sandy, oak-lined roads of Daufuskie.
Signage on Daufuskie Island is rough – which is part of the charm.
A decrepit sailboat in a yard on Daufuskie Island, well inland. I wonder how it got there.
Manger figurines have to spend the off-season somewhere! I found these in the balcony of the First Union Baptist Church, built in the 1880s and still in service today.
Low tide on Daufuskie Island
Jeff’s already put his bike back on the fly bridge and is waiting for me to bring mine. I’m standing on the fixed part of the dock to take this, looking down at the boat which is on the floating dock. (It’s low tide.)
Sunset in Skull Creek.

8 thoughts on “Into South Carolina (State#11)

  1. Love that part of the world. Enjoy Beaufort!
    R u going up the coast toward Wilmingtion?

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  2. I have been following for some time now. I too am from L’Anse, but have been living in Virginia Beach for 30 years. I’d love to see you when you reach mile marker zero! I purchased a 30 ft sailboat in Connecticut last summer & my granddaughter & I sailed home with it. Fair winds & following seas!
    R/ Jim


    1. No kidding! How fun! ( I don’t know that many people from L’Anse who move that far away. 😉 I myself an from Hancock and currently live in Arlington Va. Spent quite a bit of Navy time in your area. Wouldn’t it be fun to connect if time it works out!


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