Waccamaw River (S.C.)

So glad to set anchor tonight at Butler Island in the Waccamaw River, Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway Mile Marker 396 (ICW MM396), after 71.5 miles and 9.5 hours. We pushed against the current nearly all day but it was otherwise a comfortable if long cruise. I had time for mending and vacuuming (domestic maintenance does continue on a boat) as well as the usual cooking and research and a few turns at the helm. I like driving while Jeff takes a lie-down. It can be meditative on a quiet day like this. You get “into a zone,” just watching and listening.

We bypassed the small fishing village of McClellanville, even though one of “the” McClellans invited us to stop for lunch. (He found us through this blog. He completed The Loop years ago and wants to support others passing through.) We also bypassed Georgetown, though many recommended a stop there. Why push it? A predicted weather front might stall us in a few days so we’re putting in miles while we can. I’m beginning to regret my mid-April commitment a bit. Some Loopers travel on a schedule and others “take the time it takes.” We’re usually the 2nd kind, but my schedule is driving us right now.

Speaking of driving, it’s a bit amazing that we still are….driving on without mechanical incident, I mean. So many Loopers we know have been stalled by them. (We just heard from a friend coming north behind us that his rebuilt alternator has failed.) We’ve traveled more than 500 miles since leaving Hontoon Island in central Florida almost three weeks ago, and Many Moons has traveled close to 4,000 miles since leaving the Upper Peninsula last July. Jeff is, himself, a little surprised that “this old boat has made it this far.” She is 41 years old — but lovingly maintained. It brings to mind my 105-year-old aunt, who died recently. She certainly maintained herself, both physically and mentally. I admired and loved her so, and she is with me every day. Photos and captions from Day (??) below. I’ll count up the days again soon!

Sunrise this morning at Charleston Maritime Center. See the cargo ship leaving the harbor, in center?
We’ve never seen this sign before! (The yellow lights did not flash.)
This is the swing bridge mentioned in the sign. What an odd contraption!
The landscape today remained flat, and somewhat boring.
Sunset in Waccamaw Creek.

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