A New Record (95 Miles)

Whew. Almost 12 hours under way, and a new record for miles-in-a-day! This is what I get for leaving the boat to gallavant across the Atlantic Ocean while Jeff sat in port. 😉 Well, he didn’t just “sit there.” He worked. And he could’ve found someone else to head north with him. He chose to wait — which meant that when we finally got moving again, he didn’t want to stop! We are anchored tonight at the north end of Chesapeake Bay, having cruised past many destination spots. He’s eager to get back to Michigan and I don’t blame him. (His only grandchild is growing fast!) After several uncomfortably choppy hours while my body readjusted to movement — peppermint oil under the nose helped — the seas calmed so we just kept going. Weather windows! We have some challenging segments ahead of us, including the Atlantic Ocean, so we need to pay attention to those. Tomorrow, into the Chesapeake and Delaware (C&D) Canal and then the tidal Delaware Bay. Photos and captions of “Mary returns to Many Moons (redux), below.

I moved back onto the boat last night–with Boo. She seems genuinely happy to be on board again!
The bay was chilly and gray when we set out.
Passing Cove Point lighthouse
A natural gas fueling facility well offshore.
I love the Chesapeake Bay Bridge! It connects Annapolis to the Eastern shore..
The bridge is almost 4 miles long and carries plenty of traffic.
I’ve been over this bridge many times but never saw it from this viewpoint.
Leaving the bridge behind…
We saw just one cargo ship under way but almost a dozen at anchor.
We cruised almost half of the 200-mile-long Chesapeake Bay in a single day. (Most people take a week or two to explore it.) We started at the pink dot at the bottom (Solomons Isand, Md.) and ended at the pink dot on top (Bohemia River, Md.)

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