Almost an Island

Presque Isle is French for “almost an island.” That’s sort of like a boat on The Great Loop, isn’t it! Seems like every state with a large lake has a Presque Isle. We are at the one on the Sunrise Coast of Michigan, on the NE corner of the Lower Peninsula. It’s called the Sunrise Coast because it faces east. Or so I assume.

I’m doing this post by phone because the signal here has been hard to find. I just found it on our flybridge at 10 PM. As I write, fireworks are beginning. It’s Saturday night of the July 4th weekend. A very chilly wind is blowing.

Please forgive any typos and understand the conditions tonight. I am going to publish anyway because tomorrow is an even bigger day. Many Moons crosses her wake!

The blue dot is where we are now. We cruised 56 miles yesterday to get here and are staying two nights..In just 50 miles, Jeff crosses his wake.
On the way here, we passed by Thunder Bay Marine Sanctuary, home to 200 shipwrecks which are popular to scuba divers, offshore from Alpena. We kept our eyes on the electronic charts while passing through here.
We left an hour earlier than Redemption, which followed us up the Sunrise Coast.
We encountered several cargo ships.
Many Moons at rest in the Presque Isle State Harbor.
Redemption at the dock. Many Moons is tiny behind her! I plan a post about this unusual boat and its crew soon.
We investigated the well-stocked store next to the marina.
Free courtesy bikes again! We availed ourselves, passing this time on the three-wheeled versions (see last post).
I am so impressed with my home state and how it explains its gifts with signs like this.
The Presque Isle peninsula looks a lot like the U.P.
They may call this the sunrise coast but sunset is also beautiful.
The seawall is a popular walkway.
This sign explains who was responsible for Michigan’s wonderful harbors.
And this side of the same sign explains how boat registration fees and fuel taxes help with the upkeep. No wonder they are so wonderful
There is an old lighthouse and a new one here, built just 30 years apart. This is the new one.
It’s the tallest lighthouse in the Great Lakes with an accessible catwalk on top. Here’s the view from there. Its light could be seen 25 miles out to sea.
Jeff descending the 138 steps of the lighthouse.
Ahh. Crystal clear waters.
I took several bike rides/walks around the peninsula. Could not get enough.
I wanted to swim and the water was pretty warm, but the north wind was cold. So, no.
So good to be back on forest trails!!
Don’t you just love going out into nature when the sun is low?
Sunset at the marina.
Happy Birthday, USA! May you remain united….
…and a beacon of hope to the world.

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