Return to Munising

As Mainship Many Moons continues her journey homeward through Lake Superior, we are reminded of the beauty and also the moodiness of all the Great Lakes, and this one in particular – the largest of the five. (Will I miss sunrise on the water? Yes. Yes, I will. Not so much the early wake-ups that make them possible! 😁 In midsummer in the north, that means well before 0600.)

We traveled through beam seas all the way from Whitefish Pt. to Grand Marais. That means this shallow-draft trawler rocked side-to-side for almost 7 hours even though the winds weren’t strong. Wind direction often counts more than speed. But we were grateful there was no fog, as it was heavy the night before, and took turns driving to limit the body-effect.

Tonight, though, as I sit on the beach in front of a suddenly-calm bay near Munising (it was blowing 14 knots just 30 minutes ago), those are just memories. More memories to add to a year of them… the year my life was directed by weather windows, a dream that became a goal, and the man who overcame odds to achieve both.

Photos and captions below of our return to two places we visited nearly a year ago as we embarked into the unknown. (Still blogging by phone, still out of good signal. I will add hot links to this post when able.)

We anchored near the charming bayside town of Grand Marais.
Town population is less than 400. Like many seaside towns, it increases a lot in the summer.
it’s a rather funky town, which is its charm.
Not far from the protected bay, a long stretch of sandy beach on the big lake.
We had a calm and restful night there.
We left the beautiful bay before sunrise.
I will have to make a point of setting an alarm so I can see sunrises more often when living on land again.
Lake Superior in its glory.
The rising sun lit up the sand dunes on the lake’s southern shore.
The skies were moody and changeable.
Passing Pictured Rocks and Miner’s Castle.
Every now and then, I notice that gold burgee at the bow. Wow. Still can’t believe we earned it. (Well, Jeff did. I would have to go back and cruise the section that I missed in order to earn my own. I might just do that!)
An old wooden lighthouse on the shore of Grand Island near Munising.
Anchored in Murray Bay next to Grand Island.
I took the paddle board out to investigate the nearby shipwreck, identified by buoys.
You can just make out a part of the wreck of the Bermuda, a wooden schooner of white oak.
Tour boats came by every few hours.
Sun is still high at 8 PM as I sit on a nearby beach to write this. (The signal is stronger here.) It won’t set until after 9:30 tonight.
My floating home, as seen from shore. How strange it will be to disembark and leave her behind. Jeff will probably stay on board for awhile…

3 thoughts on “Return to Munising

    1. I hope you are enjoying seeing the pictures of the sturdy dinghy that you contributed to this trip! I think I have used it more than Jeff. I’ve enjoyed it so much , gor exercise as well as function.


  1. Welcome home Mary. I t must feel wonder ful and sad at the same time. What an achievement for both of you! Your blogs will make the adventures of Boo and Many Moons and all the people and places you met live forever on the internet I see a book here! And I see a children’s book too about Boo’s adventures


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