Alone On The River (Day 40)

And then the time comes to fly solo. Many Loopers travel together, sometimes by design and sometimes by happenstance. I was glad that veteran Loopers lead the way yesterday, our first "river day" -- just as I was glad for a buddy boat in Lake Superior. Today, we felt ready to go it alone. There … Continue reading Alone On The River (Day 40)

Now, The Rivers (Day 39)

This is the day we left the Great Lakes and headed into the inland waterway system. Passed under dozens of Chicago bridges. Went through our first river lock. Met our first barge. Learned about floating bollards and prop-washes and tight river turns. There's so much to absorb on each day of travel ... sites to … Continue reading Now, The Rivers (Day 39)

To Chicago (Day 38)

Wow. Just, wow! That's what I kept saying as we approached the Chicago skyline on the Mainship Many Moons. I did it decades ago, in a sailboat. But this time...well. So memorable. It's our 2nd big milestone. (Leaving Lake Superior was our 1st.) And now we're here. Along with 1,125 other boats, in the Burnham … Continue reading To Chicago (Day 38)

Hammond/Chicago (Day 36)

As I write this, music is blasting us from both sides at midnight. This marina apparently doesn't have quiet hours -- or if it does, there's no way to enforce it. To be fair, it is Labor Day weekend in one of the largest marinas in the Midwest. And we seem to be in the … Continue reading Hammond/Chicago (Day 36)

To Hammond, Ind. (Day 35)

Hammond Marina (part of it) The 20th port of our boat journey is a bit of a shocker. It's a long walk, maybe a half-mile, to the marina office. Music floats over from nearby boats, often loudly. We need a key to enter and exit the docks. And, this marina has 900 slips! We're not … Continue reading To Hammond, Ind. (Day 35)

To New Buffalo (Day 32-34)

So close and yet so far. We are 45 miles across from Chicago, which is a day trip in calm seas. New Buffalo shoreline Seas are not calm. So we're spending a 3rd night in New Buffalo, some five miles from the Indiana border, along with seven other Looper boats. It's not a bad place … Continue reading To New Buffalo (Day 32-34)

St. Joe (Day 31)

When you "meet" a city -- or a country, for that matter -- it sometimes helps to look beyond first impressions and seek the full story. (Same with people.) St. Joe, as the locals call St. Joseph, was once the site of a French fort. It was a trading post. A shipping center. A manufacturing … Continue reading St. Joe (Day 31)

To St. Joseph (Day 29-30)

The sculpture at the entrance to St. Joseph is called "And You, Seas." It's the sounds of St. Joseph that grab me: trains that run right by the marina, church bells and live music from across the channel, the warning horn of the nearby swing bridge that's about to open, and the deep honk of … Continue reading To St. Joseph (Day 29-30)

To South Haven (Day 28)

South Haven certainly was a haven for us because of a generous and very welcome visit by my cousin and his wife. (And their fabulous poodle, Bailey.) Jeff and I hate to shop, but it is necessary -- and hard, when you're living on a boat. Leon and Sandy made it a lot easier. They … Continue reading To South Haven (Day 28)

To Saugatuck (Day 26-27)

What comes to mind when I think of Saugatuck? Expensive! Hot! Doesn't sound great, but it actually was an enjoyable 2-day visit overall. Passing Grand Haven lighthouse on the way out. I wanted more than one evening in Grand Haven, but this journey is always dictated by weather. It remained favorable, so we moved on. … Continue reading To Saugatuck (Day 26-27)