Up the St. Clair River

The river I knew the least is the one that made itself known most dramatically...by almost stopping us in our tracks. (Um, wake. 😄) At 6:30 this morning, Many Moons slowed to trolling speed (3 mph) in the St. Clair River as we neared its northern end on the U.S./Canada border in lower Michigan. We … Continue reading Up the St. Clair River

Back in Michigan! (Motor City)

We're sitting in a marina in downtown Detroit, hearing music from all directions and from various vehicles...cars, boats, motorcycles, bicycles, scooters...a constant musical parade going by! Plus the sounds of a live concert nearby. This city sure loves its music. (I guess that's why it's also called MoTown?) There's a prominent but friendly police presence … Continue reading Back in Michigan! (Motor City)