Impenetrable Swamps (Day 112)

When you travel by boat, you miss much of what's on land. Labels on our navigation charts give us clues to what we are passing. Today, it was miles of "impenetrable swamps." I wondered if they are truly impenetrable, and what it would be like to try. Jeff said they reminded him of the Sturgeon … Continue reading Impenetrable Swamps (Day 112)

Dolphins! (Day 111)

Dolphin plays at our bow. This under-way adventure called The Great Loop is not all fun and frolic. I remind those who envy it that it's also a lot of work, and sometimes stressful. But, oh my, we are lucky lately! Today, as we passed 2,300 miles under way, we received a close-up visit by … Continue reading Dolphins! (Day 111)

The Intracoastal (Days 93-94)

We've seen dolphins, a 'gator, and sunken sailboats. Also bayous. You know you're in the south when you're in a bayou..."southern" for a swampy area. (More or less.) We've entered the Gulf Coast Intracoastal Waterway (GIWW). After crossing the wide-and-shallow Mobile Bay -- about 30 miles across -- we spent last night at Lulu's Homeport … Continue reading The Intracoastal (Days 93-94)