Clifton to Snake Creek (Days 74-75)

Many Moons leaves Clifton, Tenn. We are putting some miles on now -- nearly 60 miles yesterday (from Birdsong Creek to Clifton) and nearly 40 today (from Clifton to Snake Creek). In a boat that goes 8 mph comfortably on flat water, pushing against a 2-3 mph current, that counts as distance. That 60-mile day … Continue reading Clifton to Snake Creek (Days 74-75)

Into Tennessee (Days 72-73)

Bible verses and Trump flags and a southern drawl. That's what I'm noticing more of now. (And ruins in the river.) Maybe it's because of where we stayed last night. Mooring Cells in Tennessee River, used to secure barges. We are in Tennessee, more than 1,500 miles from our start in Keweenaw Bay on Lake … Continue reading Into Tennessee (Days 72-73)