The Longest Day (Day 87)

Today was a record for Many Moons, in both miles and hours -- almost 86 miles and 10 hours under way. We've entered the desolate stretch, from Demopolis to the Gulf of Mexico. (See last post.) The idea is to make progress while you can, and maximize options later. It wasn't bad lock, good … Continue reading The Longest Day (Day 87)

To Plan or Not to Plan (Day 86)

I've observed two general types of people on The Great Loop: those who want to plan and those who don't. It's obvious on our boat, but I hear about it from other boats too. Most seem to have one of each kind on board, so there's a constant negotiation of sorts. It's kind of amusing, … Continue reading To Plan or Not to Plan (Day 86)

To Demopolis (Day 85)

After a long but relaxing day (61 miles) on the Tombigbee, we find ourselves in Demopolis, Alabama. Sounds Greek, right? That's because it is Greek, for "City of the People." I wonder how many people in this city know that? It was founded in 1817 by Napoleonic exiles. I don't know who they were, but … Continue reading To Demopolis (Day 85)

Into Alabama (Day 84)

Many Moons at anchor in Lower Cook's Bend, Tombigbee River There's snow in the air at home in Michigan. Here in Alabama, it's in the 80s. That's why many Yoopers (people from Michigan's Upper Peninsula) go south for the winter. And some of us do it by boat. Of course, it's not winter yet. It … Continue reading Into Alabama (Day 84)

Columbus, Miss. (Day 83)

Grave of unknown Confederate Soldier I'll remember Stop #52 of our boat journey mostly for the reminder that history matters -- the history of a friendship and the history of a nation. Pam Warnken and I met decades ago, as Navy officers. One year, when I was recovering from "break-up blues," she invited me to … Continue reading Columbus, Miss. (Day 83)

Sail or Sell? Into the Deep South (Day 82)

So, we had a relaxed cruise on the Tombigbee Waterway and we're coming into our next marina at Columbus, Miss. This marina is just before our next lock, but it's not visible from the river. The sweet guy working there is kindly guiding us in. "Just look for the yellow sail in front of the … Continue reading Sail or Sell? Into the Deep South (Day 82)