Writing on the Waterfront

May 16, 2020.  I have to write. I write for therapy and clarity. Sometimes I don't know what I think (or feel) until I write it down. I've been unable to write since retiring young, five years ago. Something inside was stuck in psychological mud. The mud-clog is easing now as I sit on the … Continue reading Writing on the Waterfront

Seeking Peace, Hearing Gunshots

May 15, 2020.  Shots are ringing out across the bay...continually, for about 30 minutes. Next, a staccato of six shots. Most likely a hunter doing target practice. In the Navy, I achieved the status of “sharpshooter” on the target range and wore the ribbon on my uniform to prove it.  But I am so grateful I … Continue reading Seeking Peace, Hearing Gunshots

The First Big Burn

December 26, 2017. Step #1 in land development: clear a space to work. So we clear and burn, clear and burn, with an enthusiasm that surprises me. Is it the day after Christmas? I hardly notice. While others are returning gifts or recovering from big meals, we are chain-sawing and chopping and hauling and heaving … Continue reading The First Big Burn