High Water – The Seiche Effect

July 25, 2020. You don't have to live on an ocean or river to experience high water. Here in the Great Lakes, it's caused by a seiche (pronounced saysh) -- an oscillating wave in a standing body of water. Folks here call it "the bathtub effect." It's the inland equivalent of a tide, but it … Continue reading High Water – The Seiche Effect

Strawberry Moon at Many Moons

June 5, 2020. The strawberry moon, so-called by American Indians to recognize the short season of that luscious fruit, rose at Camp Many Moons last night. Summer arrives soon! Strawberry season is a big deal in the U.P., where summer is so brief. The small town of Chassell, 30 miles from here, holds a strawberry … Continue reading Strawberry Moon at Many Moons

Seeking Peace, Hearing Gunshots

May 15, 2020.  Shots are ringing out across the bay...continually, for about 30 minutes. Next, a staccato of six shots. Most likely a hunter doing target practice. In the Navy, I achieved the status of “sharpshooter” on the target range and wore the ribbon on my uniform to prove it.  But I am so grateful I … Continue reading Seeking Peace, Hearing Gunshots

A Husky = Great Boat Partner

May 14, 2020. Roscoe loves outings in the john-boat as much as I do, and I always try to take him with me. It cracks me up when he sits on the stern seat like that. (Does this seat make my butt look big?? Yes! ;)) He gets in the way of the oars sometimes … Continue reading A Husky = Great Boat Partner