Seeking Peace, Hearing Gunshots

May 15, 2020.  Shots are ringing out across the bay...continually, for about 30 minutes. Next, a staccato of six shots. Most likely a hunter doing target practice. In the Navy, I achieved the status of “sharpshooter” on the target range and wore the ribbon on my uniform to prove it.  But I am so grateful I … Continue reading Seeking Peace, Hearing Gunshots

The Mainship Visits Belle Isle

August 5, 2019. Belle Isle is a former resort on Isle Royal, in Lake Superior. Isle Royal is 56 miles from the Michigan mainland, 18 miles from Minnesota, and 15 miles from Canada. Yet a resort opened here in 1912. Imagine! We got here by comfortable trawler. I wonder how "tourists" got here in those … Continue reading The Mainship Visits Belle Isle