Pierside Pleasures

Boats are meant to move. But some of her best moments are when she is not.

These photos are taken at the tiny marina at Pequaming, a little-known jewel tucked into a corner of Keweenaw Bay on the south shore of Lake Superior. This is the current berth for the Mainship Many Moons. Many repairs and upgrades happen here. Socializing happens here, as at every marina. But silence also happens here. We cast quietly for fish. Watch the deer trot into their nighttime hide-away on the nearby point. Wait for the midsummer sunset. Listen to the sea birds.

In the cities, marinas are chock-full of boats paying huge fees for their berths. Most of those boats rarely move, and I often wonder about their owners. Are they workaholics? In debt? Dead? Or do they own the boat more to show it off than to sail it?

Then I remember that they might use that boat as a water-born tiny home. Like the deer of Pequaming Point, maybe they just need a hide-away. Does it matter if it doesn’t get under way?

That’s the thing about judging thoughts. They are rarely informed by knowledge. Better to mind my own business. Watch my own sunset. And enjoy Many Moons even when she isn’t under way.

June 28, 2021

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