Grand Marais (Day 6)

Yup, still here. Why? The biannual Trans Superior International Yacht Race, which begins in three days near Sault Ste. Marie (“The Soo,” to locals.) That’s where we’re headed — and many yachts too, who are competing with us for dock space. We’ve been traveling with some of them for days. We gave them the pier space here, while we anchored out.

Our next destination is Whitefish Point, the logical stop-over en route to The Soo (87 miles away). That’s their next destination too. Whitefish Point has limited dock space, so we watched the yachts leave this morning and stayed put.

The race began in 1969 and covers 350 miles of unpredictable Lake Superior. I’m thinking about my own introduction to sailing, as crew for “Jib-and-Main” races in Grand Traverse Bay. It was a blast, but I don’t think I’m up for days of hard-core racing on the big lake. I’m not that kind of rugged.

In between discussions among the remaining boaters about whether to wait one more day here, we take the bikes to shore on the little dingy. It works better if Jeff goes alone, with the two bikes perched on the bow, so I follow on my paddle board. We explore the packed nearby campground, the break-wall, the “coffee bus,” the food truck, and of course the ice cream shop. It’s hot and humid today so I’m in the water several times, not bothering to don a swimsuit. (I’m wearing quick-try clothing. 😉 ) Yeah, it’s too hot for comfort, but when I notice the “Snowfighters” shack — I assume it’s a wintertime take on “Firefighters” — I grin and bear it. At least we aren’t freezing.

We’re using a Bohemian mooring again tonight. Jeff sets it up and I help, but I still can’t figure out exactly how it works. It involves a stern anchor which is then pulled up to the bow, next to the bow anchor. Somehow this keeps the boat from spinning. I might have to dive under to look, so I can figure it out.

Kidding. I don’t need to know how it works; am just grateful that it does. This harbor is pretty full of boats at anchor, all moving with the wind. The last thing we want is a collision at midnight! 😉

One thought on “Grand Marais (Day 6)

  1. What a fun fun adventure. Doug & I learned to roll our kayaks in classes held at Grand Marais–oh, years ago. Cold water! Enjoy!! I know you’ll be safe. Love Jeff motoring in the little dingy with the bikes.


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