Harvesting Seeds

In three months, I might see a tiny sprout. In three years, I might be able to plant it. In three decades, it might look like a tree. By then, I may be dead. But the seeds I've planted will develop roots and grow tall. Eventually, some will create new seeds, and then new trees. … Continue reading Harvesting Seeds

The Fence

Our first construction project at Camp Many Moons stretches over 90', rises about 10', and is made of local hemlock. Our fabulous new fence! And we put it up all by ourselves. So satisfying. Why a fence when we live remotely, you ask? Because it isn't that remote. Yes, we have 300 feet of waterfront, … Continue reading The Fence

Happy Land Lubbers

Mainship Many Moons left Camp Many Moons over a week ago and sits in a marina about 8 miles' drive away, awaiting her lift-out date. We miss seeing it anchored off-shore and spending the night on board. But we aren't mourning. So much to do -- and fun to have -- at the camp which … Continue reading Happy Land Lubbers

Attack: Fort Michilimackinac

WhiIe traveling The Great Loop by boat, I sought out the history of the places we visited. But on the road last week, while driving from my primary home (near Washington D.C.) to my 2nd home and Many Moons' homeport (in far-north Michigan), I filled in some history closer to home. It's about time I … Continue reading Attack: Fort Michilimackinac

Mackinac Island By Bike (Day 13)

I It's not cheap to get to the island with a bike - about $40/person round-trip. But boy, is that ferry fun. Even more fun today, because the captain sent up that rooster tail at the stern as we raced a sudden storm back to port. We made it just in time. This is why … Continue reading Mackinac Island By Bike (Day 13)

To St. Ignace (Day 12)

Our arrival at Slip F-126 in the St. Ignace Public Marina is not fun - except for meeting a new friend. His name is Phil. He lives in his fishing boat all summer. He arrived with a pole. A long one. Just in time. Entering new marinas is occasionally easy but usually stressful. This is … Continue reading To St. Ignace (Day 12)

The Soo (Day 10)

After the excitement of yesterday, I'm grateful for a full day at the Kemp marina just south of the Soo Locks. The dock fee here is very fair compared to some others - $46 a night for our 34-foot boat. (The Whitefish dock was free, but very rough.) Today's forecast is for rain and thunderstorms, … Continue reading The Soo (Day 10)

To “The Soo” (Day 9) – The Locks

Nervous? Yes, I was. In the end, though, it's easy going through "the Soo Locks" at Sault Ste. Marie in Michigan, on the Canadian border. Jeff coasts the Mainship Many Moons slowly forward while I call the lock master requesting permission to "lock down" (meaning we're heading down-river, vs. up-river). About 20 minutes later, we're … Continue reading To “The Soo” (Day 9) – The Locks

To “The Soo” (Day 9) – The Yachts

Yachts! Lots of yachts. Forty-one of them are starting the Trans Superior Yacht Race today and here we are in the middle of them. Almost. We followed some of them out of Munising, Grand Marais, and Whitefish Point -- our last three ports-of-call. They were the reason it took us a week to get through … Continue reading To “The Soo” (Day 9) – The Yachts