Autumn’s Paradox

October 10, 2020. Such beauty. And, trepidation! Autumn is a time of paradox in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, as the parade of colors announces the approach of winter. Many people call autumn their favorite season here. Former residents yearn for it. Tourists flock to it. Hikers (including me) are giddy in it. But autumn means that … Continue reading Autumn’s Paradox

A Kick From Nature

April 24, 2020. In the far north woods, nature can kick you in any season. A late-November storm brought down dozens of trees and cluttered Camp Many Moons with fallen branches and brush. My little patch of heaven is a mess. Cleaning it up is back-breaking work. What would I do without Jeff and his … Continue reading A Kick From Nature

Finn Family Ties For Many Moons

July 10, 2019. She's 102 now, one of 21 children born to the same parents and the only one still alive. As if that's not enough to amaze, she owned this piece of property 50 years ago and I didn't even know that. Today, she visited Camp Many Moons. "She" is Aunt Martha, my Dad's … Continue reading Finn Family Ties For Many Moons