Mackinac Island By Bike (Day 13)


It’s not cheap to get to the island with a bike – about $40/person round-trip. But boy, is that ferry fun. Even more fun today, because the captain sent up that rooster tail at the stern as we raced a sudden storm back to port. We made it just in time. This is why we brought our bikes along — for in-port excursions.

The day in pictures:

We arrived at St. Ignace Public Marina last night. It’s a big one, and busy. (See previous post.) I’ve wanted to bike around nearby Mackinac Island for years. Today is the day.

Our bikes ride on the fly bridge when we’re under way. Jeff hoists them down to the dock.

Our bikes are loaded on the ferry before we are. They have lots of company.

The ferry ride whips our hair around.

The ferry circles under the Mackinac Bridge before going to the island, although it’s out of the way. Part of the somewhat high ticket price, I suppose. I’ve been over this bridge dozens of times but never under it. I was hoping to do it in our own boat the first time, but this was fun too.

No cars are allowed on the island. Thus, lots of bikes. And horses. And horse poop. We’re eager to get “out of town,” hoping the overcast skies will lift a bit.

The road around the island is populated by all manner of people on bikes — families, kids, old folks, and quite a few Japanese tourists. We see motorized wheelchairs too. In this picture, you can see the mainland about 6 miles away.

Jeff overtakes one of the many horse-drawn carriages that we encounter on the road. (Pooper-scoopers have a big job.)

A section of the waterfront road is closed due to water damage, so we turn inland. Up and up. A long climb. The humidity is above 95%. I’m sweaty by the time we reach the peak.

We stop to rest across from the Grand Hotel and get a close-up view of the horse teams. I need the rest more than Jeff, because heat and humidity deplete me. We’ve both been into this hotel before, and we’re hot and sweaty, so we decide to pass on going inside.

We beat the incoming storm back to the marina just in time to button up the boat.

A note about Mackinac (pronounced “Mackinaw.”) It’s worth a trip in spite of the cost. The history is a part of its attraction – especially its role during the War of 1812. Suggest doing it during spring or fall. These photos don’t show how crowded it can get in summer.

2 thoughts on “Mackinac Island By Bike (Day 13)

    1. So glad you are enjoying it! I’m enjoying blogging more now that I’ve sorted out better how to use my phone as a Hotspot and don’t have to rely on marina WiFi, which is usually very weak.


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