Lake Charlevoix (Day 17)

In Lake Charlevoix, the dingy and board sat idle all day. Why? Boat wakes. Loads of them. All day.

Today’s lesson: Choose anchorages carefully! Choices can be limited by wind direction, water depth, personal risk level, and other boats anchored nearby. After scouting around a bit and bailing out on our first choice, we ended up in front of the municipal boat launch.

On a Sunday. A sunny Sunday, no less. In mid-August. In boat-crazy Lake Charlevoix.

Meaning, we were rocked by boat wakes. All day long. At one quick glance, I could see at least 30 boats on the move. Our boat rocked so much at times that I had to sit down in order to not fall down. It felt like being under way!

At 1700 (5 p.m….my military background kicking in here), things seemed calm enough to take the dingy and board ashore. Nope! A quick try killed that idea. Boats were still returning from a day on the lake and most of them raced back to the boat launch, sending big wakes behind. Our dingy, though very cute, is pretty tippy. My board, though light and fast, is also.

Sigh. Not the relaxing day I was envisioning.

We did finally go ashore at 1900 and enjoyed an hour or so of stability under our feet.

It was my idea to take an anchorage for our 2nd night in Charlevoix, in favor of more privacy and stretching the buck a bit. As it turns out, not such a great idea. Oh well. We continue to learn.

I stayed up too late (again) to enjoy the calm post-sunset seas. Ahhh. Boo the Cat loved it too. She climbed onto the gunwhale to sniff the air. She’s such an explorer! What is it they say? “Curiosity killed the cat?!” She gave me quite a fright the night before, escaping the boat to explore the piers. She’s jumped onto the pier before but I caught her quickly. This time she bolted, and was gone for hours. A cat that doesn’t want to be caught cannot be caught. I kept the aft door open a crack, in spite of the chill, in hopes of hearing her meow. And I did hear her. At 0200. Whew. She’s back.

I hear that many cats who are doing The Loop with their owners do explore the piers, but that didn’t ease my worry much. In future, I’ll take more care to keep the aft door closed while in port.

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