To Northport (Day 18)

This is such a clean and quirky town in the northwest corner of Grand Traverse Bay. The marina is top-notch. (Strong Wi-Fi!) And darned cute. I could hang out here awhile.

The start of the day was somewhat unpleasant for me, though. I think it’s important in this blog to tell the whole story and not just the pretty parts. I’m still adjusting to “boat time” and was rather grumpy to be under way within 15 minutes of waking. I know the importance of weather windows, but it still feels odd to be out of control of my own schedule. I’ve done a lot of travel — both work and personal — including very scheduled international trips, but they were usually shorter than this, and I could take a “time-out” if needed. Being under way on your own boat is like a full-time job — generally not much “down time.” Unless you schedule it.

Still, I was glad to leave busy Lake Charlevoix behind. After passing under the lift span bridge a 2nd time, we were again in wide-open Lake Michigan. (I was pleased to see that the bridge was operated by a blond female, like me. It’s still unexpected, though it shouldn’t be.) The big lake was much friendlier today than it has been, and it was a pleasant 25-mile crossing.

Entering Grand Traverse Bay brought back memories of living in this area in the 80s. I was a radio announcer and news director on WTCM in Traverse City, which was a big sailing town even then. I wanted to learn to sail, so started a Sailing Report on the radio. I soon got invitations to join racing crews, and learned to windsurf. I’ve loved water craft ever since.

We wanted to go to Leland (“Fish Town”) but couldn’t get a berth there. Second-choice Northport is a pleasant surprise — from the efficient marina to the colorful town. The single grocery store lets boaters push carts full of purchases to the marina and then picks up the carts! Since it’s Monday, many places are closed, but the food truck made amazing fish-and-chips and the local brewery was an affordable delight. A 10-mile bike ride refreshed my perspective and attitude.

Bottom line: I’d come back here again. See photos of the marina and town below.

2 thoughts on “To Northport (Day 18)

  1. Northport sounds quite wonderful! I continue to admire your fortitude and sense of adventure. My only experience with having very little if anything to say about how I spend my time was my five years in the convent – vow of obedience! I know you’ll figure it out. ❤

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