To S. Manitou Is. (Day 19)

As I write this after dark from our anchorage close to shore, I see the lights of 14 other boats — but this protected bay is so broad, we don’t feel a bit crowded.

On our port side, a lighthouse sends a warm yellow path down the water toward us. On our starboard side, the anchor lights atop sailboat masts send smaller white reflections our way.

The water is calm. The temperature is perfect. The moon is high.


To think we were forced to this island 18 miles off of the Michigan mainland because our intended destination had no room for us. Sometimes, a 2nd choice really turns out to be the best choice!

I was reluctant to leave Northport this morning. I wanted to hang there awhile. But a weather window must be acknowledged, and we must make our way down Lake Michigan while the winds are fair. Today’s 42-mile voyage was smooth and surprise-free. Yay. 😉

Lots of boats sped across the lake with us, although headed to different destinations. When the winds are light, everyone takes off! (Maybe not all sailboats, which actually want the wind.)

I needed this day!

Pulling out of Northport marina. The entrance/exit seems narrow to me. The marina manager said that a 150-foot boat fueled up here a week or so ago! I can’t imagine it.
We were advised that this harbor could fit a lot of boats at anchor. Our advisors were right. The sailboats all anchored near one end and the power boats near the other. I wonder why.
This was a perfect place for paddle boarding. Look how calm and blue that water is…
Mainship Many Moons at anchor
I need my solitary time, so took a stroll on the trails that crisscross this island. ..
…. and found a grave from 1849! Imagine traveling by sea in those days. Many did. Many also died.
Boo the Boating Cat loves it here, too.

2 thoughts on “To S. Manitou Is. (Day 19)

  1. Enjoy it while you are there. It’s the last one like it from there to Chicago. But I am glad you found it even if you had no other place to stop. From Manistee south it’s all marines Stay safe out there. Tom

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    1. Yup, Tom, been mostly marinas since then. We did anchor out two nights at Sagautuck, which was nice… but still getting used to brown water and (usually) lots of company.


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