To Ludington (Day 21)

Calm seas. New companions. Easy docking. Fabulous sunset. A good day! I’ll have to remember this one when the “bad” days come, as surely they will. (Long-term boating is never all good, no matter what some die-hard boaters say. That’s not to say it isn’t worth doing — just not “all good.”)

Our Frankfort-to-Ludington leg was 51.6 miles and took us 6.5 hours. On Lake Superior, that distance would usually feel like a trial. On Lake Michigan, today, it was a pleasure.

This day is best told with photos and captions:

Before leaving Frankfort, Jeff talked with the dock manager about our electricity hook-up issues. It’s the first time that’s happened.
Many Moons at the Frankfort pier just before leaving.
As we leave Frankfort’s protected harbor, it promises to be another beautiful day.
Passing Frankfort’s lighthouse as we leave the harbor.
The lake was so calm today! Lots of other boaters out — I counted at least 30 at one point.
A good day to do laundry in the sink and hang it across the stern. Most marinas have laundromats, but why bother when this works so well?
Grand Sable Lighthouse
This area is known for fishing, so we put a line out. Hooked a piece of plastic. Sad.
Ludington is known for its carferry, Badger. (Yes, it’s apparently one word. I learned about it on a quick visit to the maritime museum.) We watched Badger return from its daily trip to Wisconsin and back into its dock.
Loopers (folks who are doing The Great Loop) are known for sharing “docktails” when they meet at a marina. This was our first such event. We met three veteran Looper crews, and one even newer than us.
I’m learning to spot Looper burgees (small flags at the bow) in the marinas. Today, there were three near us.
Post-sunset was fabulous at Ludington’s waterfront park, adjacent to the marina. So many people go home after the sun sinks, but the best colors are often right after that.
A piece of artwork on the waterfront
The day was uncomfortably hot, but the rewards after the sun goes down … a-h-h-h!
The moon waxes over the carferry as it rests at its nighttime dock, visible from the marina.

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