To Pentwater (Day 22-23)

(Update: Boo returned an hour after I posted this. Whew! Taking a pet on The Loop is rewarding–and sometimes stressful! Still, many people do it.) This is where Boo the Cat bolted. That’s how I’ll always think of Pentwater! I hope that by the time you read this, she has returned, but I decided to write now — 24 hours after she left — because, well, it’s a journal, and things like this happen. I promised this would be an honest account, not a travel brochure. I haven’t felt like writing. But those who journal know that’s exactly when one should try to do so!

My heart is sick and I feel guilty for bringing her along. We’ve tried all sorts of things and will keep doing so, but a cat that doesn’t want to be caught cannot be caught. (I just paused in writing this as a young woman stopped by to ask if my cat has a purple collar. Sadly, no — it was a different black cat.) Others are helping us look. I notified the local animal shelter. My phone number is on her collar. She’s been gone this long once before, but in a familiar place. Pet owners will know that it’s hard to think about anything else right now.

Meanwhile. Pentwater IS indeed a charming town as the boaters and others say, and I hope to be able to enjoy it more soon. Along with the lost-cat distraction, it’s been beastly hot. (I suppose it will be too chilly soon!) Before Boo left, we were entertained by a local couple that I know who took us to their camp and a refreshing swim in Lake Michigan. We’ve connected with other Loopers who we met at the last port. We’ve heard some very nice outdoor music. We’ve watched boats come back into the harbor well after dark, sliding easily into their slips. (Locals, I assume.) High winds return tonight so we will probably remain here awhile — which is just as well, as it gives Boo more time to find us.

A few photos:

Just before leaving Ludington, we noticed this — an outdoor dishwashing sink just for boaters. Makes sense!
Still-calm waters as we leave Ludington and its lighthouse behind.
As we enter Pentwater’s harbor, we see very crowded beaches. No surprise. It’s hot, and the water’s warm.
This is the first port where we’ve used the study step to help me board the boat, which is getting pushed away from the pier by winds. (I have short legs! I’ve had a few close-ish calls.) Jeff built this step for the helm. Isn’t it cute?
Mainship Many Moons buttoned up for the night at Pentwater Muncipal Marina.

4 thoughts on “To Pentwater (Day 22-23)

  1. Yikes! The steps are cute for sure, but where do you go from there? It looks like there’s no place to step on the side of the boat next to the steps! I’m so sorry about Boo…may she return easily, with all the desire to roam gone from her system. ❤


  2. Sorry about loosing Boo. Hope you have found by now.
    It was really windy here yesterday. Now it’s 50 degrees.


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