Panther Bay (Day 70)

Tonight, I’m not upset that darkness falls so early as I sit on the fly bridge to watch meteors fall in the sky above, and a star-beam compete with a moon-beam in the water below. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a star-beam before! I’ve seen just one meteor so far, but still. All this after a leisurely cruise on the paddle board, getting close to a swimming beaver and a large brown fish whose spikey dorsal fin cut the water (kind of creepy) and a water snake (definitely creepy) and a spectacular sunset.

Sunset at Panther Bay


This is why I love isolated anchorages far from the lights of civilization. This is why we’re taking our time on Kentucky Lake. This is why The Loop is worth doing, in spite of challenges and unknowns — and loss (for me) of personal control and privacy. One can see the value in something, and even enjoy it, while still made uncomfortable by it.

We traveled just 20 miles to get here, seeking out an anchorage near a boat launch so we could go ashore to explore on foot. (We are still at The Land Between The Lakes, a National Recreation Area between Kentucky Lake and Barkley Lake.) We wanted to learn more about the history and character of the place…and did. Photos and captions explain.

Jeff returns to Many Moons after a paddle board excursion.
We met Justin’s family when we pulled our boards ashore. We enjoy meeting locals when we can, since one goal of doing The Loop is to learn more about America. Justin’s father was a member of the 800 families displaced from the Land Between The Lakes when it was turned into a national recreation area in the 1960s.
The recreation area hold signs of its former human habitation. (A still? A silo?)
Abandoned school bus
Catfish trap on the shoreline
I took my longest paddle yet on this trip, reveling in nature.

Our small craft come in handy when at anchor, just as our bikes do when in port.
A new moon, first star, and water like glass!

7 thoughts on “Panther Bay (Day 70)

  1. Hi Mary, I LOVE this post and was ready to comment, but I got this message (see att) I’ve just started using Chrome instead of Firefox for my email and I get this message almost every time I try to connect with a link in an email. So I’m not sure if this is relevant for you but I’m attaching it just in case I’m not the only one.

    Miss you! Blessings,

    Terry Nicholetti The Chaplain Is In

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    1. Wow, you have lots of stuff uploaded on “The Chaplain Is In!” I’ll have to watch some soon. I’m sorry we didn’t get “The Captain and the Chaplain” on the air, so to speak, but so glad it led to this! 🙂


  2. Thinking of you often, with envy! Parked overlooking Kitchigami reading latest posts. Keep the photos coming, and continued safe travels!


  3. Hi Mary! My husband and I enjoyed meeting you and Jeff yesterday. Your story is an inspiring one! We are excited to follow your blog as you continue your journey. Safe travels!


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