Sugar Bay to KenLake (Day 69)

Sometimes you start a thing for one reason and keep doing it for another. I joined the Navy to see the world and stayed to serve the people. I started The Loop to support Jeff’s goal and have stayed … well, for more than one reason, but one of them is a morning like today’s, at anchorage in Sugar Bay on Kentucky Lake.

Morning at Sugar Bay

After sleeping in, we breathed in the silence and ate breakfast wraps (scrambled eggs with Baby Bella mushrooms and Italian cheese, served with bacon strips) and took our time leaving. Just 10 miles further south, we pulled into KenLake State Park Marina, our first time at a state park.

Once docked, we spent a few hours planning the next stages of our travels because we need an address for the next shipment of personal medicines and need to make marina reservations for that. (More Looper boats this year means more competition for slips, and you can’t count on getting what you want, when you want it.) This requires planning out at least the draft of a two-week schedule, which is challenging because we are at a stage of The Loop when we have more choices than ever and no single source that lays them all out neatly. We have overall goals — stay far enough north to enjoy fall colors and out of the hurricane zone until the season ends, and find a place to stay for a month or so — but the specifics are harder. To make decisions, we use The Looper’s Companion Guide along with old paper charts and electronic charts, an Atlas, small maps we’ve picked up along the way, Google Maps, and input from other Loopers.

It was easier to navigate the Great Lakes and big rivers, since you move in one direction and your only decision is when and how far to go. I’ve met Loopers who prepared a spreadsheet in advance for travel planning and decision-making, and am wishing I created one. Ah, well. I’m paying for my last-minute commitment to this trip!

Meanwhile, Jeff is stretching himself too. I’ve been acting as primary travel-and-booking agent on this trip, because he prefers to “wing it” when possible–but he’s planning ahead more also. Sometimes, you just have to.

So, the peace of the leisurely morning faded rather quickly after our arrival at Kenlake. 😉 I was a bit discouraged to learn that we have no access to the marina bathrooms or showers after 5 p.m. Apparently they’ve had “some trouble” with them! Maybe that’s not a surprise, given the pier fee is under $30 — one of our lowest.

We did enjoy a bike exploration, on some pretty steep hills. I had to shower a 2nd time after that excursion! (On the boat, of course. See explanation above.) The temperature is thankfully no longer steamy, but hot enough to get steamed up during exertion!

I know the schedule will sort itself out with time. Tomorrow, we head for another anchorage with a great reputation, and I’ll be ready for that! Photos and captions below. (Editor’s Note: This post took 12 hours to upload. Variable WiFi signal here.)

Approaching Eggner Ferry Bridge, latest iteration. The previous bridge was replaced after a cargo ship ran into it in 2012. The mainspan collapsed but, amazingly, no cars fell into the water.
Jeff crosses Eggner Ferry Bridge, which carries I-68 and KY80 across. It’s beautifully lit at night.
Many Moons is second-from-left at KenLake State Park Marina.
New moon and first star, at Sugar Bay last night.

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