Back In The ICW (Day 121)

Since we left them three days ago, Jeff and Tom have practically sprinted — if a trawler can “sprint” – farther south along Florida’s west coast. They have re-entered the Intracoastal Waterway (ICW) and continue to anchor out, testing how long the water tank and grocery supplies will hold out. Here are a few photos Jeff took of the 60-mile trip from Tarpon Springs to Sarasota. (Meanwhile, as I adjust to “the dirt,” I’ve put about 1,200 miles on my car in about three days. On Many Moons, we took at least three months to make that distance. Three days vs. three months. Put your head around that! I will post my own experiences from the road under the “Reflections” menu item on this blog. I will continue to post updates of Many Moons‘ journey under “The Boat” menu item.)

Tampa Bay Bridge. This bay is almost 10 miles wide and took about a hour to cross
Clearwater. It’s getting more crowded as the boat moves south!
A novel navigation aid! Jeff and I bought these red and green solar lights intending to decorate for Christmas, but Tom put them to better use — to remind the driver which side the channel markers are on. (It isn’t always “red-right-returning.” They change, as mentioned in previous posts.)
Many Moons anchored near Marina Jack’s in Sarasota and heard cars racing in the streets at midnight. (I don’t mind missing these urban stops, but I sure miss the quiet anchorages!)

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