Cayo Costa & Cabbage (Day 123)

This was the “day of the “C’s” for Many Moons. Cayo Costa. Cabbage Cay (Key).

Such colorful names on Florida’s southwestern coast! That’s where Jeff and Tom ended up after leaving Sarasota on Many Moons and traveling about 52 miles. They took some well-deserved time off to explore the beauty of two islands in Pine Island Sound; the large barrier island called Cayo Costa (which is also a state park) and the smaller inland one called Cabbage Key (where they don’t actually grow cabbages). They reunited with a Looper boat that traveled with us for days, and visited white sand beaches. Cabbage Key is also known for a certain cheeseburger; more on that in the next post. Photos and captions below.

Sunrise at Sarasota as Many Moons pulls out of the harbor. Jeff and Tom didn’t step on land here.
Many Moons approaches a swing bring, one of three she encountered on the way to Pine Island Sound. Since the bridges are just nine feet high, boaters have to call for the bridge to open.
Many Moons passed this pleasure craft in the ICW, listing after running aground. A good reminder to stick to the navigation channel!
This park is actually an island also.
Cayo Costa State Park offers a free lift to visitors via a pickup truck pulling trailers with seats on them.
Jeff on the beach at Cayo Costa, on the Gulf of Mexico.
Jon from War Eagle shows off a Red Drum. It’s out of season, so he threw it back. (Many Moons traveled with War Eagle on the Tombigbee River, and Jeff was glad to run into him again.)
The white sandy beaches of Cayo Costa State Park.

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