East To Fort Myers (Day 124)

Sometimes you deserve a nice breakfast that’s made by somebody else. Even better if it’s in a famous-yet-quirky restaurant that’s warmly decorated for Christmas.

Many Moons left the west coast of Florida today and headed east, but not before its crew treated themselves to a memorable meal in a memorable place. Cabbage Key Inn and Restaurant is known for the bazillion dollar bills on the ceiling, but it might be better-known for supposedly inspiring Jimmy Buffett’s song “Cheeseburger in Paradise.” This is either a rumor (as many websites say) or the truth (as visitors prefer to think). I wasn’t there so I don’t know. What I do know is that the Buffett name “sells.” Lulu’s Homeport Marina, where we stayed weeks ago, is owned by Jimmy’s kid sister Lucy. That isn’t why we stayed there, but the name does seem to draw others.

I’ve never been that impressed with fame, by itself. Character matters more, doesn’t it? Then again, Jimmy Buffett seems to have that. I’m sure his sister Lucy does also.

After breakfast – which was not a cheeseburger, as far as I know — Many Moons traveled about 40 miles up the Caloosahatchee River to Fort Myers, where Jeff and Tom used the day dock at the municipal marina to get provisions and then anchored out in the river. I think this is their 7th night in a row at anchor. I’m jealous! And impressed. It’s not only the best way to find peace, it’s also a great way to stretch the budget. (Most of Florida’s marinas are charging $3-4 per foot right now, which would be at least $100 per night for Many Moons. We paid that only once. In Chicago.)

Tomorrow, the guys plan to continue east on the Caloosahatchee to the state park at the Franklin Lock – the first lock since leaving the river system and one of five in the Lake Okeechobee Waterway. Pausing there gives Jeff the option to head either eastward across the state or southward around it. He can relax there awhile before deciding, as he awaits the next First Mate. Stay tuned for occasional updates.

As usual, photos and captions below….

Monetary decorations in the Cabbage Key Restaurant. Why do people do this? (I’ve seen it elsewhere also.)
A homey atmosphere at breakfast in the Cabbage Key Restaurant — with or without cheeseburgers.
You can see Many Moons in the background, using the day dock at Cabbage Key.
Sunset from anchorage near Fort Myers, Fla.

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