To Brunswick

As we passed by the Naval Submarine Base at Kings Bay, Ga., this morning, we wondered if the submarines based there are out on patrol, carrying nuclear weapons capable of reaching Russia. What a sobering thought on a sunny day while cruising through salt marshes at 8mph! World events may recede from frontal view while cruising, but they don’t disappear. Ukraine comes to mind in between pelicans and channel markers.

We pulled anchor at 0700 – actually, two anchors, for extra security in tidal waters — for the 37-mile trek to Brunswick, getting an early start to avoid afternoon winds. It was a beautiful cruise through salt marshes, and very relaxing, except for crossing St. Andrews Sound. Rock-and-roll! If it went on much longer, we would have needed dramamine.

Many Moons has traveled about 3,600 miles in seven months, more than half the distance of The Great Loop. Today represents day #219 since leaving Keweenaw Bay in Lake Superior on July 30. It also represents my first luxurious shower in a marina in 7 days. Ah, the simple pleasures! So special when you have to wait for them. (Even more special considering it cost $90. Ok, the shower was free, but the slip did cost that. 😉 )

By the way, Kings Bay is home to our Ohio-class submarines that are not only nuclear-powered but also nuclear-capable … i.e., able to send an ICBM (intercontinental ballistic missile) to another continent. Your tax dollars at work!

Russia has had the same capability since 2013. Think about that. But not too much…

This curiousity is attached to shore by a long jetty at the submarine base. Maybe a submarine hoist of some kind, or part of the dry dock project under way there? (Gold Looper Henry responds in “comments,” below.)
Passing by Kings Bay Submarine Base
Pelicans along the Intracoastal Waterway (ICW) remind us that we’re very close to the ocean.
Into the ocean! (Almost.) We went out to avoid the shoals and got rocked by rollers on the beam. Better rocked than grounded! It was thankfully brief.
At the bridge to Jekyll Island
Miles and miles of flat salt marshes today….
We know we’re in Georgia when we start seeing shrimp boats. Didn’t “Forrest Gump” feature a shrimp boat in Georgia? We saw them in the Florida panhandle too.
Approaching the East Coast Greenway bridge over Oglethorpe Bay, near Brunswick, Ga.
Brunswick Landing Marina boasts nearly 400 slips, spread along a narrow river. It took us awhile to walk from one end to the other! I’m glad we’re at Dock 1, close to bathroom and laundry and office.
The tide here is 8 feet. (See the water line on the wooden posts?) This ramp from our dock is steep at low tide — like here — and much less so at high tide.
Low tide at Brunswick Landing Marina.
International flags on the marina grass. Would be nice to see Ukraine in the group, these days. But that would identify them as a “friend of the U.S.”… the very thing that Putin is trying to prevent. Or so it seems.
Sunset at Brunswick Landing Marina

2 thoughts on “To Brunswick

  1. Good Morning Mary:
    The structure you saw at the sun base is a degaussing station used to de-magitize ships or subs.. You will pass another near Portsmouth/Norfolk on your way north.
    Fair winds and safe passage.


    1. Aha! Funny I have never seen one before, in 30 years in the Navy. I learn such things traveling by water, even about the Navy. Thanks for the info Henry! Fair winds to you also. I never add “following seas” any more because I hate rollers on the stern. 😉


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