Fronts & Friends

We're still in Georgia. And it's ok. While the weather front slowed our underway progress, it accelerated our friend-making. And we have made friends, both on the humble dock and in the small town (Darien, Ga.) I love it when "good" comes from "bad" ... as it usually does, given enough time. At least that … Continue reading Fronts & Friends

Shrimp & History

Alert, Outlander fans! We've arrived at New Inverness, founded in 1736 by Scottish Highlanders who were recruited to protect Georgia's southern border from the Spanish -- back when the British, Spanish and French were vying for control of this continent. It's called Darien, Ga. now, population under 2,000. We came here for the shrimp. The … Continue reading Shrimp & History

To Brunswick

As we passed by the Naval Submarine Base at Kings Bay, Ga., this morning, we wondered if the submarines based there are out on patrol, carrying nuclear weapons capable of reaching Russia. What a sobering thought on a sunny day while cruising through salt marshes at 8mph! World events may recede from frontal view while … Continue reading To Brunswick