Community (Day 53-54)

Docktails at Alton Marina At least 22 boat crews came to "docktails" (dockside social hour) tonight, our last evening of a long stop in Alton, Ill. After the sun set, we hosted four boaters in our salon, lit by solar flames, while snacking on Scotch Eggs that we made in the air fryer. Hosting visitors … Continue reading Community (Day 53-54)

Bridges, Barges & Giggles (Day 51)

Full Moon atop Clark Bridge. When a full moon meets the apex of a cable bridge, it looks like a spotlight. A 5x3 barge tow carries as much as 1,000 semi trucks. Loopers on a bus named Shittzengiggles do, in fact, giggle. Those are three things I learned during our third day in Alton, Illinois … Continue reading Bridges, Barges & Giggles (Day 51)

Alton (Day 49-50)

We've reached it! The Mighty Mississippi! No sign announced it. No blast of a horn. The water looked the same. 😉 But we watched the channel markers carefully, and grinned at each other as Mile Marker 0 on the Illinois merged with Mile Marker 218 of the Mississippi. It felt like a milestone. And it … Continue reading Alton (Day 49-50)