A Little Diversion (Day 57)

First, the fog. Fog obscures a tug on our port side at sunrise. The 14 boats jammed together at the free lock wall last night were eager to get "unstuck" and underway, so we moved out early. A little too early for my taste, since the fog hadn't yet lifted. "What's the rush?" I asked … Continue reading A Little Diversion (Day 57)

To Hoppies, Missouri (Day 55)

We are tied up tonight at the legendary Hoppies' Marina at Kinnswick, Missouri, getting bounced around by passing barges after an eventful 44-mile day. It started with a wake-up call at 0530, our earliest yet. We sure "woke up" from our six leisurely days in port! Hoppies This marina (if you can call it that) … Continue reading To Hoppies, Missouri (Day 55)

Community (Day 53-54)

Docktails at Alton Marina At least 22 boat crews came to "docktails" (dockside social hour) tonight, our last evening in Alton, Ill. After the sun set, we hosted four boaters in our salon, lit by solar flames, while snacking on Scotch Eggs that we made in the air fryer. Hosting visitors on Many Moons What … Continue reading Community (Day 53-54)