Finn Family Ties For Many Moons

July 10, 2019. She's 102 now, one of 21 children born to the same parents and the only one still alive. As if that's not enough to amaze, she owned this piece of property 50 years ago and I didn't even know that. Today, she visited Camp Many Moons. "She" is Aunt Martha, my Dad's … Continue reading Finn Family Ties For Many Moons

Inviting Vikings: Rune Windchime

June 22, 2018. I think of the Vikings as distant relatives, although there's scant evidence that any came from Finland. They were nature-lovers, as I am. They needed the sea, as I do. They had wisdom, as I hope to; I discovered that when I uncovered an old volume of The Book of Runes years … Continue reading Inviting Vikings: Rune Windchime