To Kentucky Lake (Day 68)

Shifting gears, again ... from the hub-bub of Green Turtle Bay to the quiet anchorages of Kentucky Lake. Last night, we heard barges rumbling through the nearby lock. Tonight, we hear crickets. Variety is good. It awakens your mind and refreshes your senses. Entering Kentucky Lake We've also encountered the Tennessee River, our 6th river … Continue reading To Kentucky Lake (Day 68)

Staying Put (Days 66-67)

It's not just us. Lots of Loopers spend a full week at Green Turtle Bay (Kentucky) because it's the most well-equipped marina between Chicago and Mobile, Ala. (We left that marina days ago but we're still nearby.) The inland river section of The Great Loop is about 1,200 miles long, and we've traveled about half … Continue reading Staying Put (Days 66-67)

Thirsty Turtle (Day 65)

Today's leg: 1.5 miles! Tee-hee. We're tied to the somewhat crooked dock of the Thirsty Turtle restaurant, just around the bend from the Green Turtle Bay Marina. Many Moons at the Thirsty Turtle dock, Barkley Lock in the background. In the summer, this dock is for day use only, but it's after-season now and nobody … Continue reading Thirsty Turtle (Day 65)

Now, The Rain (Days 63-64)

Barkley Lock at night It's raining. Here we sit on our 4th night in beautiful Green Turtle Bay in Kentucky, just above the natural playground called Land Between the Lakes and adjacent to the beautiful-at-night Barkley Lock, and haven't had a chance to see much of it. But we will. When you travel The Loop, … Continue reading Now, The Rain (Days 63-64)

What Is “Success?” (Day 62)

Today, we arrived at Green Turtle Bay (GTB) in Kentucky. It's a "breathe" milestone among Loopers who start in the Great Lakes. It means you're off the big rivers for awhile, having survived the big lakes plus about 600 miles of inland waterways, including many anchorages, river currents and eddies and sand bars, 11 big … Continue reading What Is “Success?” (Day 62)

A Waterway Hub (Day 61)

Inland waterways are the liquid version of highways, and the big ones carry a lot of product across the country. Pedukah, KY is a hub of this maritime activity because it sits at the confluence of two major rivers (the Ohio and the Tennessee) and near two others (the Mississippi and the Cumberland.) Given its … Continue reading A Waterway Hub (Day 61)

Kentucky! (Days 59-60)

On to Kentucky, our fifth state in 60 days. (Life is slow at 8 mph.) Padukah Municipal Marina We're still in the floodplain, and the docks float up with the river. This leg was less than 40 miles but took us almost seven hours. Going upstream does that. We got underway shortly after 0630 from … Continue reading Kentucky! (Days 59-60)