Thirsty Turtle (Day 65)

Today’s leg: 1.5 miles! Tee-hee. We’re tied to the somewhat crooked dock of the Thirsty Turtle restaurant, just around the bend from the Green Turtle Bay Marina.

Many Moons at the Thirsty Turtle dock, Barkley Lock in the background.

In the summer, this dock is for day use only, but it’s after-season now and nobody seems to care if we stay overnight. We are, after all, spending about the same amount of money in the restaurant as we would pay for a slip.

We’re here alone, kept company only by herons and other seabirds, within sight of the lights that illuminate the restaurant’s outdoor tables but far enough away to feel alone. Peaceful! And the water here is cleaner than in the marinas or rivers, so I took a quick dip from the swim platform. Ah-h-h. Nothing better than a cooling dip when your body is heated up!

Heated up by healthy exertion, that is. The rain had lifted by mid-morning so we took the bikes out to explore the Land Between the Lakes, the recreational area between Lake Barkley and Kentucky Lake. We got just a peek, as we’re not up for a long and hilly ride, but it’s as beautiful as they say. Can’t wait to explore more of it by boat.

Photos and captions follow….

French Toast on board before we left our slip at Green Turtle Bay Marina. We eat pretty well on board.
The dock is crooked, but stable enough!
View of Barkley Lake in the background, from the fly bridge of Many Moons.
So much green in the Land Between The Lakes.We haven’t seen much of this in two months.
This looks more “iffy” than it is. We actually feel quite secure here.
This restaurant is a short walk from the Green Turtle Bay Marina. The blue cheese pizza is great. I haven’t seen any turtles yet, thirsty or otherwise.
Boo has adjusted to the leash. We take a walk almost every night when in port. She also wears a bluetooth-enabled tracker. I added the leash and tracker after she left the boat for 24 hours, back in August.
An abandoned road in the Land Between the Lakes, its asphalt cracked and overgrown with vegetation. Most parts of the country have these left-overs, which carry stories in those cracks.

2 thoughts on “Thirsty Turtle (Day 65)

  1. Finally, the adventure really begins. I wish we had taken more time to explore the area when we were there on Tuulen Aura back in “93.


    1. I hear you. I hope to go back to that bike path on LBL today for a longer ride. The views of Kentucky Lake were awesome. We’re staying at Thirsty Turtle a 2nd night to do some maintenance that requires sunny days. (FyI, I’ve edited this post after some feedback from Jeff 😉 … and added a few more pics…so you might want to look at it again. I often do edits after going live….for one thing, typos are too easy when i write at night in the dark!)

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