Staying Put (Days 66-67)

It’s not just us. Lots of Loopers spend a full week at Green Turtle Bay in Kentucky because it’s the most well-equipped marina between Chicago and Mobile, Ala. (We left that marina days ago but we’re still nearby.) The inland river section of The Great Loop is about 1,200 miles long, and we’ve traveled about half of it. So we deserve a respite.

It still feels odd to sit still this long. Good, but odd. After more than two months under way, I still wake up wondering what decisions need to be made this morning and where we should go next.

Kittywake joins Many Moons on the dock at Thirsty Turtle.

The best thing about staying in this quiet little bay near the Thirsty Turtle — just a mile or so from the big marina — is that our good friends Tasha and Sebastian on Kittywake have caught up to us. We met in late August at St. Joe’s (Michigan), reconnected in Alton (Illinois), and haven’t seen each other since. All Loopers meet a lot of other Loopers while on the Loop, unless you stick to yourself. Some of them become special friends that you wait to see again. These two are like that.

Besides waiting for Kittywake, we’ve also been waiting for packages from Amazon. We sent quite a few here and one hasn’t arrived yet.

The extra days in port allow time for more sunny-day maintenance (like caulking leaks and staining exterior wood). It also allowed me to take the paddle board out for a fun exploration, and bike back to the Land Between the Lakes for a longer ride.

Plus, I finally saw the turtles for which Green Turtle Bay is named. Yep, they’re green. Sort of.

Yep, there are turtles. We bought them to the surface with “turtle food” from the marina office.
A glimpse of Kentucky Lake through the trees, during my bike ride on the Land Between The Lakes.
This canal links Barkley Lake (where we are now) to Kentucky Lake (where we are going). Here, I’m looking across the canal at the Land Between the Lakes, a National Recreation Area. I biked across that bridge to explore the recreation area a bit.
A short walk here can take a long time, as you continually run into other Loopers who stop to chat.
Many Moons at the dock near Thirsty Turtle, a short cruise from Green Turtle Bay.
We celebrated Tasha’s birthday on the open stern of Many Moons, lit by a fake flame, the Barkley Lock in the background. It was our first time hosting a small party on our stern, and fun! It fits four chairs perfectly.
Jeff caulking some leaks during a maintenance day.
I paddled close to this tow-barge that had been sitting still here since we arrived. It moved shortly after I “visited.” It had to honk its horn four times to get the sailboat anchored in its way to move!

3 thoughts on “Staying Put (Days 66-67)

      1. Hey Guys, Glad to see the Yooper’s are Looper’s. I have great memories of Jeff and his family when we were growing up as kids. Always lots of fun with the Larson’s. Your dad was the best! Keep on posting the wonderful photos and commentary.


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