Now, The Rain (Days 63-64)

Barkley Lock at night

It’s raining. Here we sit on our 4th night in beautiful Green Turtle Bay in Kentucky, just above the natural playground called Land Between the Lakes and adjacent to the beautiful-at-night Barkley Lock, and haven’t had a chance to see much of it. But we will.

When you travel The Loop, sooner or later you will face days of rain. Then the raincoats come out. The books. The “when-we-have-time” projects. And the negotiations, about who gets what part of a 34-foot boat for some private time. Or working time. (That usually means Jeff on “boat stuff” and me on the computer.) This morning, I joined a Zoom call from the V-berth. This evening, I sought a covered patio on shore but couldn’t find one with a WiFi signal, so sit now on the stern, raindrops dribbling nearby.

Life on a boat! We make it work.

The rain broke enough for some fun social time with a close friend who happened to be here at the same time as us (one of those improbable meet-ups) and with some now-familiar Looper friends, and with the locals who share this pier with us.

We also did some exploring by bike of nearby Grand Rivers, KY. Photos and captions follow, but first, two observations:

  • A small flock of geese honked by our stern this morning, reminding me that trees are fully “turned” at my camp up north, and starting to turn at my home in the Mid-Atlantic. I forgot that it’s October! Time has a different texture when under way.
  • Garbage. Always, the garbage. We toss out a small bag every day into marina dumpsters. This is one reason we pay about $50 per night to stay here. Human impact isn’t free – economically or environmentally.
This is a more than a marina. It’s a resort, complete with condos and pools and a spa.
GTB provides this free shuttle, filled here by Loopers. (We opted to use our bikes or feet to get around.)
Patti’s 1880 Settlement in Grand Rivers is a complex of shops and a famous restaurant. We explored but didn’t buy or eat. “Destination restaurants” are usually expensive, and eating out also eats up the cash.
Bailing out a dinghy that a nearby boater wants to sell before taking it for a spin. We decided against buying it. It’s a bit too big, and we do have one that works. It;s small, but it works. Besides, we’re attached to it.
Gina (third-from-right) is a first-cousin-by-marriage who lives in Montana when she isn’t at her camp in Michigan, next-door to us. She was raised in Kentucky and was here for a family reunion. What great timing!! (Our 7th meet-up with someone during this trip.)

2 thoughts on “Now, The Rain (Days 63-64)

  1. Rain Days (63 and 64)
    I imagine that sharing space on a boat while navigating “The Great Loop” requires a constant shift into mindfulness. I think of extended families that live in a tiny apartment and private time or working time might look like a curtain or corner where distractions disappear within the mind and privacy is obtained when others avert their eyes. Traveling together is an evolving skill and I appreciate the way this journey is documented with honesty and vulnerability. My thoughts go inward in contemplation.

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