Attack: Fort Michilimackinac

WhiIe traveling The Great Loop by boat, I sought out the history of the places we visited. But on the road last week, while driving from my primary home (near Washington D.C.) to my 2nd home and Many Moons' homeport (in far-north Michigan), I filled in some history closer to home. It's about time I … Continue reading Attack: Fort Michilimackinac

Mackinac Bridge (Day 15)

Glorious. That's the only word to adequately describe what it's like to pass under the Mackinac Bridge in your own boat at sunrise. I couldn't stop whooping! It also marks the official start of The Great Loop for Mainship Many Moons, since that's where we first intersected its route. (Only 6,000 miles to go!) We … Continue reading Mackinac Bridge (Day 15)