The Soo & Whitefish Pt. (Replay)

I write tonight from chilly and foggy Whitefish Point, infamous for the nearby sinking of the Edmund Fitzgerald, which juts out like a claw into Lake Superior. A foghorn blasts loudly nearby. We were here exactly 11 months ago -- on August 5, 2021 -- just six days into this grand adventure. How strange to … Continue reading The Soo & Whitefish Pt. (Replay)

Whitefish Point (Day 8)

We're going to stay in this remote place a 2nd night, to allow the racing yachts to vacate the next marina on our itinerary, so it's a relaxing day. Yay. Eric and Gary come over for a blueberry pancake breakfast. Then, a long beach walk, picking rocks and watching the oar boats pass by. A … Continue reading Whitefish Point (Day 8)

To Whitefish Pt (Day 7)

We leave Grand Marais and its drama behind us at 0830, after watching the Inland Seas Schoolship raise its anchor. She had anchored near us the night before, so close that we could hear the orders being "barked." I'm so grateful for the first calm seas of the trip -- so calm, in fact, that … Continue reading To Whitefish Pt (Day 7)