Dance of the Chimney Log

September 16, 2020. Anyone who's experienced a good campfire knows how mesmerizing it is. Dancing flames grab the eye and don't let go. Maybe it goes back to mankind's early days, when fire was invented. Suddenly, light. Warmth. Comfort. Imagine, back then! A chimney logs grabs you even harder, and plays a vertical visual symphony. … Continue reading Dance of the Chimney Log

We Built a Sand Mountain! Septic Done.

May 23, 2020. Have you ever seen a septic field get built? Neither have I, until now. It's an admittedly odd thing to celebrate, but there is something satisfying about creating your own infrastructure and figuring out how to follow the requirements. The permit calls for 400 square feet of field, so we start with … Continue reading We Built a Sand Mountain! Septic Done.

Spring Snowfall = Beauty

April 14, 2020. I love a new snowfall in the spring. When the sun comes out, everything is so clean and bright -- it makes me feel clean and bright. Camp Many Moons sparkles. Jeff's 1948 Ford Tractor looks even more iconic. The wood piles look more charming. Even the ditch looks inviting. Locals who … Continue reading Spring Snowfall = Beauty

Wildlife – The Consequences

April 10, 2020. Deer scat. Everywhere. Our neighbors feed them daily. I feed them too, sometimes. They like to hang out in our little cedar grove in the winter. I love to see them! But here's the consequence. Deer scat doesn't quickly absorb into helpful fertilizer, as I expected. It stays. And stays. And stays. … Continue reading Wildlife – The Consequences

Social Distancing? No Problem Here!

March 11, 2020. At Camp Many Moons, social distancing isn't much of a problem, since there's nobody around! But Jeff went to extremes today to get far away from me. 😉 Actually, we have to walk 30 feet out on the ice to get a signal. That will change when we hook the WiFi back … Continue reading Social Distancing? No Problem Here!

The Mainship Arrives at Camp

August 26, 2019. We docked Mainship Many Moons at Camp Many Moons today for the first time. It was nerve-wracking to bring it alongside, as we knew it would be a tight fit. We have just three feet of water at mid-dock and the keel requires at least that much. As we approached, I stood … Continue reading The Mainship Arrives at Camp

They Picked Us! New Life at Camp

May 29, 2019. A robin made a nest in our outdoor electrical box, and now we are new parents! Jeff made a sturdy wooden box right after we had electricity installed, to protect a group of outlets that feed our camper and utility trailer and outdoor kitchen. He added shelves to hold bug spray, lighter … Continue reading They Picked Us! New Life at Camp

The Compost Toilet (Not Outhouse!)

August 15, 2018. When developing land (or living on boat), one faces the need to manage essential human processes. I'm a former back-packer who doesn't mind doing her business in the woods if necessary, but that won't work here. We're a far cry from building a septic system or a cabin. So what to do? … Continue reading The Compost Toilet (Not Outhouse!)

The UNpretty Side of Developing

April 20, 2018. My first purchase to start developing Camp Many Moons is a silt fence, so-called to prevent silt from running into public waterways. If you have waterfront, you need to put one of these in place before you start moving dirt around. You need to get familiar with regulations and regulatory agencies and … Continue reading The UNpretty Side of Developing

The First Big Burn

December 26, 2017. Step #1 in land development: clear a space to work. So we clear and burn, clear and burn, with an enthusiasm that surprises me. Is it the day after Christmas? I hardly notice. While others are returning gifts or recovering from big meals, we are chain-sawing and chopping and hauling and heaving … Continue reading The First Big Burn