The Life & Death (?) of a Cedar Tree

Sept. 1, 2020. Cedar trees engage all your senses. Their fragrant needles tickle the nose. Their crooked, twisted branches confuse the eyes. Their sinewy bark agitates the fingers. Their snap-crackle-pop in the campfire delights the ear. The cedar tree stands for strength, and they live 100 years or more. I wonder why we've lost so … Continue reading The Life & Death (?) of a Cedar Tree

A Kick From Nature

April 24, 2020. In the far north woods, nature can kick you in any season. A late-November storm brought down dozens of trees and cluttered Camp Many Moons with fallen branches and brush. My little patch of heaven is a mess. Cleaning it up is back-breaking work. What would I do without Jeff and his … Continue reading A Kick From Nature

From Tag Elders to Fraser Firs

May 10, 2019. Out with the tag elders, in with the fraser firs! The south end of my waterfront plot, across a small stream bridged by wooden planks, was overgrown with a weedy tree called tag elder. (They should be called "tangle elder," because you get all tangled in their skinny, hungry branches!) We removed … Continue reading From Tag Elders to Fraser Firs