Grand Marais (Day 5)

Sometimes boats break, and sometimes people break - and sometimes both. I wasn't there at the time of this incident so don't know which here. Whatever the cause, at mid-day, I was underneath the sailboat to see if something was messed up down there. It was. Lines tangled around the crankshaft. Jeff knows I'm a … Continue reading Grand Marais (Day 5)

To Grand Marais (Day 4)

The pictures you see here suggest a perfect day on the water. And it was. Until it wasn't. That's how it is with boating. Expect the unexpected -- in this case, a injury emergency and then a mechanical one. The injury required a visit to ER, 50 miles away. (Keep in mind we have no … Continue reading To Grand Marais (Day 4)

Munising (Day 3)

Today was a welcome day in port (Munising), at least for me. As a stubborn north wind continued to blow, the sightseeing boats that take up much of the dock space here - and bring in lots of tourist money - remained in port, reminding us that even capitalism bows to weather. We did boat … Continue reading Munising (Day 3)

To Munising (Day 2)

Second day under way and it already feels like a week! We ask each other what day it is. (Our "calendar" is now the weather forecast.) We try to establish an on-board exercise regimen - planks and exercise bands for me, push-ups for Jeff - to keep our upper-body strength. I learn to keep food … Continue reading To Munising (Day 2)

Many Moons Leaves Home

Destination: unknown. Well, not exactly. Jeff's dream is to do The Great Loop (look it up), which would take at least six months and possibly a few years if done in sections. "The Loop" doesn't begin, for us, until we reach Mackinac Island and enter Lake Michigan. How far we go this year, and how … Continue reading Many Moons Leaves Home